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“My perspective. You may not agree…and that’s ok.”

"I don't do things for the response or the controversy, I just live my life." 
                 - Rihanna

Sports Travel Meets

Fashion, Fitness and a "Lott" of perspective

I am an avid sports enthusiast who thoroughly enjoys watching sports for the pure love of the game. Sports may be my passion but fashion is my game and I love finding creative ways to incorporate sporty chic fashion with going to a game or tailgating. 


I hope you will follow me along my journey as I deliver  MY perspective on sports, fashion, fitness and general hot topics. If I am not covering something that you would like my perspective on, then let me know and I might surprise you! 


My goal is simple. I aspire to inspire others. 





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I am exactly who I say I am. No hiding, no fakeness....just delivering my perspective.  I am a sporty girl who still likes to have a feminine flair; however, I can talk about my love for the game of baseball, sports and about stats longer than anyone I know! I am not scared to give my honest opinion and my fave day of the year (next to Christmas) is July 31st (trade deadline time!).

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